Attack Prevention

Unfortunately farm attacks and home-invasions can’t be prevented, however there is a lot that could be done to lessen one’s chances of becoming another statistic. When it comes to prevention there is a behavioral as well as a physical component. Home invasions and protecting the farmstead will have a lot in common so let us start there.

Here are some physical measures:

Outside your home:

  • Proper high fences – Electric fences are ideal
  • Secure remote / SMS controlled gates.
  • Floodlights – Do not have dark spots around your home.
  • Park as close to your entry point at home as possible.
  • Outdoor PIR beams – Dogs could be killed or distracted.
  • Large Dogs – Rottweilers, Boerboel Dogs, Dobermans and German Shepherds are good breeds.
  • CCTV – Must be able to remote view from portable device.

Inside your home:

  • Burglar bars – Must be securely fixed and of proper construction.
  • Security Gates – Again, they must be securely fixed and of proper
  • Physically cordon off sleeping areas – You do not want to wake at 03:00 with them standing at your bed.
  • Alarm systems – Setup sleeping and living areas, also include a sensor in
    the ceiling.
  • Small dogs – Small dogs inside of the home are invaluable.

Be properly armed, let us be honest here, an armed perp tripping his mind off on tik (meth) or dagga (cannabis) with an AK or R5 will not even be bothered in the least by pepper spray, paintball gun or a BB gun. Fight fire with fire, get a proper high capacity handgun in 9mm at least. Also get larger weapons like a high capacity shotgun for example the Mossberg 500 Persuader in 12Ga. Please just do not leave your handgun in the safe. Conceal it on your person from the moment you get up until you go to bed at night and keep it close even then!

Farm safety is much more complex and expensive. Think home safety but on a very large scale. Install CCTV at strategic points where you could be ambushed like your entrance gates, pump stations, barns etc. The same goes for alarm systems and beams. You could even go further using FLIR cameras or drones to monitor your perimeter and farm, but this is prohibitively expensive. Have a good relationship with your employees and offer cash rewards for positive tips on safety concerns and information.

The use of body armour is also encouraged but make sure it could at least take a hit from a large calibre rifle- do not forget that they use AK and R series rifles! Join your local farm watch and Whatsapp safety groups. Report unfamiliar persons and vehicles, also get photos if possible and safe to do so.

Remember that technology is fallible and could be rendered useless by things like signal jammers! Power failures are also a concern as attackers could take advantage of them, always install backup power systems like UPS’s to supply power to your safety systems in the event of power failure. That way you could also inspect around your property via CCTV to ensure that your power supply has not been tampered with to get you outside.

Install family tracking apps like Life360 where you and your family members could track each other and be alerted to trouble.

The next would be behavioral in nature. Be aware of your surroundings always when travelling, look for vehicles following you home, lock your doors and do not stop if not necessary.

When at home be indoors when it gets dark, always keep your gates and outside doors locked, keep lights on outside and arm your security systems in zones. DO NOT GO OUTSIDE AT ANY COST IF YOU SUSPECT SOMETHING IS GOING ON! Rather contact your closest neighbors, safety group and then the police.

Do not open for strangers however good their reason for wanting access. If they claim they have an emergency offer to call the police or medical services for help. Also use common sense as it goes a long way! I could go on and on, but these are the basics.

Remember you can’t prevent them from entering your house or farm, but you can buy yourself some time to properly react and get help. It is a sad state that our country is in, you must imprison yourself to keep the criminals out.

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