‘Tonight you’ll look on as we rape your girlfriend.’ – Potchefstroom

21 October 2018

‘Tonight you’ll look on as we rape your girlfriend’, this is what six attackers told Albert John early on Saturday morning.

John (23) and his girlfriend, Nanna Viviers (25), were attacked in their Baillie Park home around 02:30 Saturday morning by six black men armed with pipe wrenches, knifes and firearms. This on the day that Nanna turned 25.

Jacques Viviers, Nanna’s father and a farmer from Ventersdorp said that Nanna awoke when the couple’s little dog started barking. The six men were already standing around their bed by that time.

The men grabbed and held the couple, Nanna tried to calm the situation down, but the attackers proceeded to attack them with the pipe wrenches, Viviers said.

“They threw Albert back onto the bed and said: ‘Tonight you’ll look on as we rape your girlfriend.’”

The men spoke Afrikaans, English and Tswana.

“Nanna started to struggle, suddenly broke free and activated a panic button”, said Viviers.

The men then grabbed two cellular phones and John’s wallet before fleeing. Neighbours heard Nanna’s screams and the Security team responded on the panic button.  

John and Nanna were both admitted to Mediclinic Potchefstroom but Nanna were transferred to Netcare Unitas hospital in Pretoria on Saturday.

Some of her sinus canals as well as her cheekbone were broken in the attack. John are still being treated in Mediclinic Potchefstroom. He also sustained head injuries as well as bruises all over his body- he also had injuries to his left arm, Viviers said.

One of the men gained access to the home through a small window after which he opened a sliding glass door for his accomplices. According to Viviers the police are still investigating the case.

He also added that someone called him from his daughter’s phone around 10:00 the morning of the attack but immediately ended the call.

Nanna is a regional manager at King Price Insurance and John is a businessman.

‘Ons verkrag meisie voor jou oë’ – Potch-huisaanval

Vandag verkrag ons jou meisie voor jou oë, het ses mans glo Saterdagoggend aan Albert John van Potchefstroom gesê. John (23) en sy vriendin, Nanna Viviers (25), is Saterdagoggend omstreeks 02:30 in hul huis in Baillie Park, Potchefstroom, deur ses mans bewapen met bobbejaansleutels, messe en vuurwapens aangeval.

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