Farm Attack Foiled – Northam

18 October 2018

Northam – A farm attack on Roodepan farm could have ended in tragedy if not for the vigilance of the farm manager.

Eight to ten armed farm attackers gained access to the Roodepan farm just outside Northam on Wednesday 10 October.

They overpowered and tied up the farm workers between 23:00 and midnight and forced one of the workers to accompany them to the house in a plot to lure the farm manager from his house.

Fortunately, an alarm was sounded, waking up the farmer manager, who noticed the intruders through a window. 
He fired a warning shot into the air and random gunfire ensued as the attackers started shooting at him as they fled the scene.

A portable welder and cutting wheels were later found. It is speculated that the attackers’ intentions were to capture the house, disable the occupants and break into the safe.
No one was seriously injured in the attack and no arrests have been made as of yet.

Johan Young of the Heritage Protection Group (HPG) strongly urges the community to be vigilant and to under no circumstance ever go outside at night if they suspect peril.

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