Couple Assaulted, Firearms Stolen In Farm Attack – Wellington

6 October 2018

5 Armed suspects attacked a couple on their Wellington farm. The husband’s knees were both broken with a crowbar, the wife were stabbed in her hands and her chest.

Three children, all younger than 10 years old, witnessed the attack. The couple and their children were locked in their safe after the attack. Several firearms were stolen.

Ian Cameron on Twitter

FARM ATTACK: Wellington, Western Cape. Male victims knees broken with crowbar, female victim stabbed in hands and chest. Attackers Locked victims in safe after attack. Several firearms stolen. 5 armed suspects.

2 thoughts on “Couple Assaulted, Firearms Stolen In Farm Attack – Wellington

  1. Such cowards! Many yellow cowards against 2 defenceless people!! What loosers! Wish someone would tell them.. they are absolute lowdown COWARDS!!

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