Minorities Demonized in SA

28 September 2018

Minorities in South Africa are demonized and “used as scapegoats on the grounds of race and language”, Helen Zille, Premier of the Western Cape, told on Thursday.

“It is a majority in the country that is demanding that, even though we have 11 official languages, there will one be one official language for tertiary education in South Africa. It is dividing and conquering.”

Zille also highlighted that the Constitution is not an ANC document but that it is a summary of the South African agreement. It was met with heavy opposition from the ANC, Zille then said that the ANC “has already left the Constitution behind”- referring to the Constitution stating that the country belongs to all who live in it. “Go and read the 30-page document by Thabo Mbeki. The ANC has left that part of the constitution behind.”

According to Zille there were also “ridiculous reports on Heritage Day that blamed all of the country’s problems on minorities.” She said that all cultures and their contributions to South Africa should be celebrated, “but according to the ANC some have made no contributions.”

Minderhede in SA ‘gedemoniseer’ – Zille

Minderheidsgroepe in Suid-Afrika word gedemoniseer en as “sondebokke, gewoonlik op grond van ras en taal, voorgehou”, het Helen Zille, Wes-Kaapse premier, Donderdag gesê. “Dis ‘n meerderheid in die land wat aandring dat, ondanks die feit dat ons 11 amptelike tale het, daar net een amptelike taal vir tersiêre onderwys sal wees.

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