Crime Stats – Is This A Good Story To Tell?

25 September 2018

With the recent crime statistics released it proved that we could still be shocked. The ANC government does indeed have a good story to tell, or does it? With 56 murders a day our stats are basically equal to those from full fledged war zones! 

Afghanistan’s death rate per 1000 people are at 13.7 per 1000 people. South Africa holds the dubious honor of the highest death toll of 17.43 deaths per 1000 people. We are ahead of war zones for Pete’s sake!

Our state hospitals and other institutions could also count as war zones in their own right…

Then Cyril Ramaphosa has the guts to tell the Trump administration that there is nothing wrong in this country?

Please see below a link to the top 100 deaths per 1000 people by country: Gazetteer – The World – Deaths Per 1000 – Top 100+ By Country (2018)

Ranking of the Top 100+ Countries by Deaths Per 1000 for 2018 by

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