‘Black Zille’

As a country South Africa, and black South Africans especially, really needs to do some deep digging. The moment any aspect of Apartheid receives some form of recognition it results in a media frenzy. Wendy Luhabe, a successful African businesswoman sent a Tweet highlighting the work ethic under Apartheid and as could be predicted it has been taken out of context.

It seems as if it is easier to destroy everything that had to do with Apartheid, than to try and understand what made it the most advanced society in the whole of Africa. To think what this country could have been had there been more people like her running it..

Wendy Luhabe slammed as ‘black Zille’ for apartheid tweet

Prominent businesswoman Wendy Luhabe, the wife of former Gauteng premier and Cope founder Mbhazima Shilowa, has been slammed for a tweet in which she appears to express her view that conditions under apartheid were favourable to under democracy.

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